Friday, August 30, 2013


Welcome to this resource based website designed to accompany your American Government course in Connexus.  Using the left side menu you can find detailed information broken down by and specific to each lesson contained within the courses.  This information ranges from guided notes, assignments, rubrics, project examples, course expectations, course instructions, and self help quizzes.  If at any time you have questions about a lesson, assignment, or part of the course reading, please contact me directly through webmail in our Connexus system or by my office phone number.  Remember that this is the absolute best and most efficient practice to receive help and the answers to any potential questions.  In my experience with working with many students to date, those students that have been in consistent contact with their teacher and regularly completing their lessons using the resources available to them have experienced the greatest levels of success.  If you follow this model, I know that you can earn an excellent grade that you can be proud of.