Sunday, September 13, 2015

Newsletter Update

This Week in College American Government... Origins of American Government

Finish Homework 2.3 Articles of Confederation
Discuss Notes 2.3 Articles of Confederation
Articles of Confederation Activity
Section Review Quiz 2.3 Articles of Confederation
Begin Homework 2.4 Constitutional Convention

Discuss Notes 2.4 Constitutional Convention
Constituional Convention Activity
Section Review Quiz 2.4 Constitutional Convention
Begin Homework 3.1 Structure and Principles

Discuss Notes 3.1 Structure and Principles
Structure and Principles Activity
Section Review Quiz 3.1 Structure and Principles
Begin Homework 3.2 Three Branches

Discuss Notes 3.2 Three Branches
Three Branches Activity
Section Review Quiz 3.2 Three Branches
Begin Homework 3.3 Amending the Constitution

Discuss Notes 3.3 Amending the Constitution
Amending the Constitution Activity
Section Review Quiz 3.3 Amending the Constitution
Begin Homework 3.4 The Amendments

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Unit 7 Review Game

Linked below you can find our class review game for Unit 7 on Civic Participation. If you want some extra practice before the test give it another try. Reminder that our test is on Friday.

 Hope everything is going well!